Roy Afflerbach, a former Pennsylvania State Senator, and Henry "Hank" Annoni a  former public school teacher and administrator, are the principal public policy advisors of TAG. They bring decades of  political, organizational, and educational advocacy experience to their client partners. Click on their photos for more individual information.
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At the Table and in the Community
for Our Partners...
At The Afflerbach Group we take Lao Tsu's classic proverb to heart. It is our guide. We live it.
The Afflerbach Group is fundamentally a networking public policy advocacy organization that focuses upon service to non-profit professional organizations. Simultaneously with assisting our client partners to achieve their immediate goals, we share with them the use of effective methodologies and techniques by which to achieve their future goals.
"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime."
Lao Tsu
4th Century BCE
Home Training Sessions Reduced Hospital Readmissions by 39%
Researchers in Cleveland, OH found that an hour-long coaching session and three follow-up phone calls helped reduce hospital readmissions…
October 24-26, 2019
Minneapolis, MN
There's no sleeping when the "SNOOZEBALL" begins. At this Denver ADS center it "...has come to elicit a roomful of smiles, firing muscles and a constant chorus of chuckles". READ MORE
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What Others Say About TAG:

“I think we’re a dynamic duo because when I speak to you things happen!”
                           -Lynn Fields Harris, Executive Director
                            Center in the Park Chair 
                            National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC)

"Just wanted to give you the credit for my new love of advocacy and THANK YOU! I became a member of AIM- the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement [and am] likely going to Washington in June for the Advocacy Forum." 
                                            Tina Hess, President & CEO, Owner,
                                              Good News Consulting, Inc.

"Always appreciate your style, patience, strategic planning of next steps."
                - Terry Z. Fishler, VP of Strategic Business Development
                    ADS Data Systems
                    Board of Directors, NADSA 

Roy congratulates newly-elected US Congresswoman Susan Wild from the Lehigh Valley in her Capitol office. Clearly, her dog (Zoe) is also ready to get down to business.
Adult Day Health Care consumers at Collabria Care in Napa participated with the staff on NADSA Virtual Advocacy Day by calling their legislators together.
TAG assisted PA HSUS volunteers prepare as they dined the night before the PA Bar Institute Law Conference.