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"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime."
Lao Tsu
4th Century BCE
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TAG Consultant Hank Annoni demonstrates his stage agility every year as a Nutcracker volunteer for Civic Little Theater.
From the Capitol Wishing All of Our Friends a Healthy Safe and Successful 2018!!
TAG in the front row for NADSA at an AARP Public Policy Institute discussion about the cost of social isolation to Medicare
(Susan Reinhard, Sr. V.P. & Director AARP Public Policy Institute; Lynda Flowers, Sr. Strategic Policy Advisor AARP Public Policy Institute; Tricia Neuman, Sr. V.P Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation & Director of the Foundation’s Program on Medicare Policy; Jonathan Shaw, Clinical Assistant Professor Medicine & Director of Community Partnerships, Stanford University School of Medicine)
K.C. Wenger, Sen. Afflerbach, PA Governor Tom Wolf, and HSUS PA State Director Kristen Tullo celebrate the signing of “Libre’s Law,” the most comprehensive piece of animal protection legislation signed in PA in the past fifty years.
Listening to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper discuss a variety of issues at the 8th Annual State Solutions Conference in WDC. Several governors at the bi-partisan conference shared the opinion that more issues will need to be resolved by the states because the federal government has become dysfunctional.
At a recent rally of advocates for the compassionate treatment of animals, Sen. Afflerbach discussed the direct relationship between animal abuse and violence against individuals with Congressional candidate Conor Lamb.

At The Afflerbach Group we take Lao Tsu's classic proverb to heart. It is our guide. We live it.
Listening to John RotherPresident & CEO of the National Coalition on Health Care, and a panel discuss alternative payment models for preventative and acute health care. The presentation concepts delivered cost containment and at-home care to forestall long-term institutional care.
TAG takes on “the swamp” at the 
2017 Annual NADSA Conference in St. Petersburg, FL as Roy goes head to head confirming he will not support any legislation negatively affecting seniors, regardless of how it might be disguised.

HSUS joins TAG at the PA State Capitol requesting over 150 Representatives support legislation banning pet store sales of dogs, cats and rabbits unless they are working in collaboration with shelters or rescue organizations.
TAG joined the NADSA Board in Denver this month to assist with their recent strategic policy and planning session.
Roy congratulates newly-elected US Congresswoman Susan Wild from the Lehigh Valley in her Capitol office. Clearly, her dog (Zoe) is also ready to get down to business.
TAG assisted PA HSUS volunteers prepare as they dined the night before the PA Bar Institute Law Conference.
Adult Day Health Care consumers at Collabria Care in Napa participated with the staff on NADSA Virtual Advocacy Day by calling their legislators together.
Sharpsburg Mayor Matthew V. Rudzki and Roy proudly display their awards at the Humane Action Pittsburg 2019 Heroes Award Ceremony.
Senator Afflerbach stood with a bipartisan team of legislators to launch "Victoria's Law," an initiative ending sales from puppy mills in PA. Kneeling with Victoria, an abused breed dog rescued from a puppy mill, are HSUS State Director Kristen Tullo (right) and volunteer rescue advocates.
TAG welcomes the Fab Four from Pennsylvania to Congress. 
Susan Ellis Wild; Mary Gay Scanlon; Chrissy Houlahan; Madeleine Dean.
Roy and Jeraldine Fedoriw, Program Director at Gurwin Adult Day Health Program, snap a quick photo at the 
2019 NY Adult Day Heath Care Council in April at Saratoga Springs.